UNSCdeb8 was originally developed within the context of the research project Which region? The politics of the UN Security Council P5 in international security crises, jointly run by ETH Zürich (Center for Security Studies), University of Geneva (Department of Geography and Environment) and SWP Berlin. The project is co-funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation SNF and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG.

Current and past project staff members include:

• Dr Stephen ARIS, Senior Researcher, ETH Zürich
• Carinne DOMINGOS, Doctoral Student, University of Geneva
• Professor Juliet FALL, Full Professor, University of Geneva
• Dr Nadine GODEHARDT, Deputy Head of Research Division, SWP Berlin
• Dr Jonas HAGMANN, Senior Researcher, University of Geneva
• Dr Paul KOHLENBERG, Research Associate, SWP Berlin
• Althea P., Software Engineer, ETH Zürich
• David SCHULZE, Research Assistant, SWP Berlin
• Dr Aglaya SNETKOV, Senior Researcher, ETH Zürich
• Ilja SPERLING, Digital Officer, SWP Berlin
• Fred SÜNDERMANN, Software Engineer, SWP Berlin
• Professor Andreas WENGER, Full Professor, ETH Zürich

For further background information on UNSCdeb8 see: Paul J. Kohlenberg, Nadine Godehardt, Stephen Aris, Fred Sündermann, Aglaya Snetkov and Juliet Fall (2019). Introducing UNSCdeb8 (beta): A Database for Corpus-Driven Research on the United Nations Security Council. SWP Working Paper Asia Division 1 (June 2019).

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